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Beautiful Poinsettias

Our Poinsettias come in a variety of sizes and amazing colors! At Fonnesbeck Greenhouse, quality is a big deal. That's why we grow our own Poinsettias from cutting to finish, never by shipping them in. By doing this we can offer a stronger, healthier plant that will last well after the season ends when cared for correctly. Because we grow our own and understand these plants, we can also teach you how to care for yours. 

Check out some of our plants and come get yours today! 

Caring For Your Poinsettia Plant

Poinsettias like bright light but not direct sunlight; preferably near a window

Ideal temperatures are between 60 and 70 F.

Poinsettias will be happy if they are not always wet.

         - 6" pots should be watered weekly while bigger pots can go as long as ten days

         - Notice the pot's weight when it is dry versus wet, this can be a great indicator if you forget        how many days its been.

To water your plant, take it out of the foil and water it near/in the sink so that you can catch the runoff water. Once it is done draining, return to foil wrapping.

Poinsettias don't need fertilizer until they put on new growth in the Spring.